Graduate Network Program

In Argentina, almost half of the young people in our country have difficulties entering the work and professional world.

Youth unemployment doubles the national average. Unemployment in young people aged 14 to 29 is: 13.9% in women and 12.6% in men*

27% of young people between 15 and 29 years of age are without education or work.**

Only 17% of vulnerable young people aged 18 to 25 enter higher education.***

The Graduate Network seeks to promote the educational and/or labor insertion of young people who have participated in our programs, the majority have completed secondary school accompanied by Cimientos.

The Network works in alliance with companies, higher education institutions, other social organizations and the State to provide training and employment opportunities and thus respond to the life projects that young people want to develop.

The Graduate Network makes available to young people the resources that exist in our community and in all sectors, private, public and social, to enrich their development.

* Source: INDEC, Directorate of Permanent Household Survey. Second Quarter of 2022.

**Source: First Quarter 2017. DGIyEL – SSPEyEL (MTEySS), based on data from the EPH INDEC.

***Source: Article Access and graduation in higher education in Argentina, Ana Fanelli Center for State and Society Studies Cecilia Adrogué Universidad de San Andrés, May – June 2018


Scope 2023

Young people participated in employment training courses.
Young people who participated in courses found employment.
Young people with scholarships for higher education